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Weight-ing on the Lord


Our lives are overly consumed with things we have, things we want and things we want to get rid of.One day we are happy, sad, angry and then on other days, we simply just don’t care. Well, for me, my life was consumed with the issue of weight loss. Living my life with those unwanted pounds brought the good, the bad and the ugly. But, does it have to be that way? Is there a way I can live a life of thanksgiving, satisfaction and great expectation? Of course there is and I want to share that story with you!

I have always enjoyed good food but as I allowed that pleasure to become an extreme comfort to me, it threw things into a whirlwind. No matter how I was feeling, or what I was going through, I continually ran after the tastes and the texture of food. The feeling I would receive while indulging in a plate full of food, a snack or a dessert was borderline obsessive. The consequence became weight gain which led to insecurity, which then led to depression, which then opened the doors to laziness, strife, and so much more.

My issue with weight has caused me to open up to the process of reevaluating myself.I have tried losing weight many times before but gave up when I didn’t have speedy results. This time around is different for me. I have accepted the “process”, that is, I am willing to lose this weight moment by moment, day by day, step by step. These days, I remind myself that “none of this happened quickly and none of it will be changed quickly.” I have found great satisfaction knowing that it’s not by my might or my power but, by the might and power of the Lord! Surrendering was the key that opened the lock and now, it’s a new day!

I am excited about the revelation the Lord has given me! The answer did not just revolve around losing the weight but realizing why I gained weight and the consequences of my actions. I made a conscious decision to do something about it and research foods I could enjoy while dropping the habit of giving into excessive comfort. The Lord wants us to take pleasure in things but never to replace Him with those things. I also realized that I needed to get myself more organized, something that was lacking due to the laziness that the weight issue brought about. In times past, I would become completely overwhelmed by the thought of tackling such a big job of losing weight, until I heard the Lord speak to me; “why does it have to be a big job? One thing at a time and it will get done. It’s a process”. That was all I needed and I have begun to walk through my process. I am seeing the change take place. Now, as they say, I can “take the bull by its horns” and hold on without giving up when the ride gets tough. Every day in this process is a new chance at success and victory over what I allowed to become demons in my life.

We must always take into account that one bad apple can ruin the entire bunch. One lousy decision can alter many areas of our lives. Because of decisions we have made and situations we have been placed in, our lives have been molded. And although the mold will not always have a good outcome, it can be used to give GLORY TO GOD! We have to make a conscious decision to reevaluate our lives and our behavior while facing the honest truth about ourselves which will then allow for change.  I realize that some days will be harder than others. Some days, I may not do as well but I will never accept those days as failures but only as lessons that will help me to aim higher.

Believe it or not, many things in our lives can be a powerful testimony that can encourage and lifts others up. This is why I share my story with you. It may be a slow process but, it will be a long term victory! I will continue to “weight” on the Lord as I do what He  directs me to do! My testimony is being added to and now it’s time to add to yours. Let’s do this together!