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Silly Lil’ Movie


Okay, this may sound very weird to you but,  the Lord spoke to me while watching a “silly lil’ movie”. I was not planning on watching it, however, my son had it on and I had laundry to fold. I sat on the couch thinking, “do I really have to watch this?” I know I didn’t have to but since I rather sit on my comfy couch to do what I don’t enjoy, folding tons of laundry, I decided I would. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that the movie was, ‘Evan Almighty’.

Let me mention that I started watching the movie halfway into it. Although I did not see the beginning, I was able to figure out what was going on (okay, my son told me). Basically, the main character was Read the rest of this entry




I have a very vivid memory of being thirteen Years old, standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom and singing into a hairbrush; imagining myself before a stadium of people. I really thought at that time that I wanted to be a famous singer. However, now I know that my love for singing was a gift of worship that the Lord placed within me.

Being a famous singer is no longer a dream of mine. I still love to sing however, I don’t do it for the entertainment of people but for the Lord himself. You see, at thirteen, I had not yet come to the knowledge of what it meant to live a life of worship. The truth is, even now at forty-six (did I just say that out loud?) I am still learning what it means to be a worshipper. What I have learned has come from Word and from experience. Since it has changed my life and continues to do so, I wanted to share some things with you about what I now know.

Worship is not only something we do in our churches on Sundays, It should be a way of life. everyday actions and reactions, our choices and decisions all should scream, I LOVE YOU LORD! We need to always be aware that we are His creation and we are fearfully and wonderfully made (psalms 139:14). We are to always be a good representation of our Father, that is worship!

A worshipper is an adorer. In other words, it is a person who honors, loves and respects God.
Everything in our lives has to show that honor, love and respect. As women, we are very emotional and sometimes we do things without first stopping to say, “Abba, does this make you happy?”. I once heard a sister in Christ say, “Every morning I stand in my closet and say, Lord, what do you want me to wear today?” At the time, I really thought that was going overboard. It seemed ridiculous to me. Why on earth should I ask the Lord what to wear? I really didn’t think He was concerned with “silly things like that”. What I didn’t realize was I was the one who wasn’t concerned. He always wants to be included in our decision making. He knows that we will never make the right choices if He isn’t included. Allowing Him in, that is worship.

To worship in the greek is, ‘proskyneo’ which means to kiss like a dog, licking his master’s hand; to fawn or crouch to; to prostate oneself in homage. I know that the kissing like a dog thing sounds very strange but, think about it: a dog wants nothing more than to please his master. The dog’s licking (kissing) is a sign of complete surrender and love. He (the dog) will crouch down low before his master to show that he understands who is in charge. He will lay at his master’s feet because he know he is safe with him and wants to remain as close as possible. That is worship.

I continue daily to learn how to be a worshipper. I try to include the Lord in every part of my life and when I fail, it is always revealed to me and I am offered the opportunity to repent. I no longer stand in front of the mirror singing to an invisible crowd. Now, I stand before my Father, my Creator, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Provider, my Healer and my Lord.

If you have been lacking in your worship, make a decision this very moment to include the Lord in every part of your life. Spend time at His feet, kiss Him, surrender to Him and ask Him, “what do you expect of me today, Abba?” That is worship.



Ok, so today I sit here at my computer to try and write my blog. I never have considered myself a writer but, I have always found an outlet in writing. However; today I have “writer’s block”. AAAHHHHH! How annoying! How am I suppose to continue a blog if I can’t think of what to write?

Have you ever felt like you were being “blocked”? Maybe not “writer’s block” but blocked from reaching a particular goal in life? Or maybe you have several goals and you feel overwhelmed by the thought of working towards achieving them. Could it be that YOU are keeping yourself from moving forward because your bound in fear and allowing the enemy to convince you that, “You are fine right where you are”? Well, its time to take a stand and shout, “get thee behind me, you lying devil!”

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Have you ever packed for a trip? I have, and most times, I over pack. I over think what I need; “What if I need this or that? The next thing I know I’m lugging suitcases, carry-ons, a computer, my purse, my cell phone, a magazine…..blah, blah, blah. Once I reach  my destination, I realize that more than half of what I have is not needed. However, on my last vacation, as I packed for my husband and I, I made a decision to only take one piece of luggage each. No matter what, I was not going to convince myself that I needed more. As soon as I saw that a bag was getting over-stuffed, I pulled things out and put them back in their place.

Deciding to pack light was the best decision I made. We were able to check our bags without hassle and when we landed in our destination, we picked them up just as quick. I grabbed my bag and Hubby grabbed his and we rolled them (praise the Lord for luggage with wheels) right where we needed to go. It was an easy load.

How much luggage are you carrying around in life? How much Junk have you stuffed into your “burden bag”? How often do you open it, look inside to remind yourself of what is in it and then stuff a little more in? How many “insecurities” are you caring around in it? How many “disappointments”“addictions”, “Habits”, “bad relationships”, “rejections”, “negative spoken words”, “insults”, “lies”, etc…have you been dragging and carrying around with you? How many times have you tried to go “Higher” just to be pulled back down by the weight of all that baggage?

My friends, if you don’t make a decision to unpack and travel light, you will always be struggling to get where you need to be but never really reaching your destination. It says in, Matthew 11:28-30, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

All you need on this “trip of life” is the love of the Lord, your faith, His Word and time spent with Him. With such a light load, you’ll reach your destination much faster and a whole lot lighter.

Take Time


Yesterday, like everyday, I woke up early and started my usual routine of dropping my daughters to school, going to the gym and running whatever errands I had.  When I finally got home, I told Holy Spirit that no matter what, I was going to spend some quality-quiet time with Him. Of course, there were a hundred things to keep me from doing that; dishes, sweeping, checking E-mail and paying bills (you know what I mean). Just as I was about to get myself busy with something much less important than the Lord, I heard…..

“Lea, I thought you said we were going to spend some quality time together. I’m waiting”. As you can guess, I stopped what I was doing and went straight to our special meeting spot (Holy Spirit and I), my bedroom. I put on my worship music, took my prayer shawl out of it’s little bag, placed it around my shoulders and began to worship. With my eyes closed but focused on Him, I was completely and immediately saturated in His presence. I heard Holy Spirit say, “This is all I want from you.” I knew just what He meant. He just wanted my time. He wasn’t expecting a prayer full of eloquent words, He just wanted me to spend time in conversation with Him, just Him and I talking and listening. I laid down on my floor with my talit (prayer shawl) over my head and we had ‘Daddy-daughter time. I told Him how much I loved Him, apologized for always allowing things to consume my time and then I talked to Him about the things that were on my mind. I asked Him what He thought about things and how I should handle things, then, I stopped to listen to what He had to say…………..and once again, He spoke.

Life will always be busy. There will always be something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see, but nothing is more important than making time to converse with the Lord. He can speak to you at any time and anywhere, however; there are secrets He wants to share with you in private so find your special place and meet with Him.

Oh Lord, Help Me See!


Yesterday I had a discussion with one of my daughters. She was upset about having to do something she really did not want to do. I became frustrated at the thought of her lacking appreciation for “how good she has it”, and with that, I began to think…..

How often do I gripe and complain to the Lord? Unfortunately, I have done it too often. A great example of my complaining would go something like this: “Lord, I have been asking you for (whatever) for so long. I have been trusting you and believing for it. I have faith that you are going to do it, BUT why haven’t you?” or like this: “I am so tired of driving children around, washing dishes and cooking!”. I can only imagine the look on God’s face while I whine over silly things. He probably looks over to Jesus, and says; “Can you believe her complaint? She continues to ask me for things I don’t want for her. I have blessed her abundantly but, she has not been able to see it because her focus is on what is not for her. She says she is tired of driving children while, so many are childless and have no car to drive. She’s tired of washing dishes in her air conditioned home and cooking food that she is able to buy every week.” Oh Lord, help me to see! I don’t want to be a selfish, spoiled rotten and an unappreciative daughter. I want to always be thankful for what I have and trust your reasons for what I do not have.

What about you? Have you been a whiney baby lately? Do you need to take your focus away from the things you are complaining about and start focusing on the things the Lord has already done for you? We all need to be grateful to Him because if it were not for Him, where would we be? Think about it…….

The Question


I learned that any sort of change takes work and commitment. An example of this would be, if you want to build muscle, you must workout and lift weights consistently. If you want to be smart, you must be willing to learn and study and so on and so on. Some change comes faster than others. I realize that when the Lord is doing a change in someone’s life it always starts from the inside and works it’s way out. For me, it’s been a slow tedious process. Holy Spirit and I have grown closer than ever because I am learning to stop and listen. Like I shared in my previous blog on June 2nd, ‘Higher Focus’, I always allowed my spiritual ADD to keep me from focusing on what the Lord was saying but now, I make it a point to ask, “what are you saying, Lord?”

This past Sunday (June 3rd), Pastor Eric (my hubby) preached an amazing, eye opening message about Martha and Mary. His message was unlike any other I’ve ever heard before. It made me ask myself a question that I knew the Lord Himself wanted me to answer, not because He didn’t know the answer but because He wanted me to be honest with myself which leads to honesty with Him. The question was; “would you admit when jealousy rises up? “Jealousy? I never thought of myself as a jealous person but, the question triggered me to search deep within and I pulled out the dirty truth. I did harbor silent jealousy, especially for other women that were well organized, tidy and seemed very self confident. I was making comparisons that kept me from seeing the wonderful things about myself because all I saw was what they had, what they did, how they looked and how they lived. It has always been easy for me to advise others about, “thinking the grass is greener on the other side” but I was not heeding to my own advise. Now that I can see the time I wasted in comparing, I will take time to see the beauty, gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed me with and give Him the praise for them.

Sisters, I lovingly ask you the same question; would you admit when jealousy rises up? give it some serious thought. Let go of the comparisons and start to see just how blessed, beautiful, talented and amazing you are. Psalms 139:14 says; “for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…..”, and that scripture is speaking of you. You were created by an awesome God. He even has the hairs on your head numbered. He chose your eyes just for you. He painted on your smile and gave you your own special laugh. Your personality was designed specifically for you. You are special!

As I continue to allow Holy Spirit to teach me about myself, I invite you to also allow Him to teach you about yourself. The lessons can be painful, tedious and exhausting but they are always eye-opening, rewarding and worth it. Take time everyday and ask, “what are you saying, Lord” or “what are you showing me, Lord?” And then be focused and listen for that still, small voice.