Movies In My Mind



When I was in elementary school I always got in trouble for daydreaming. I would sit and stare into space and imagine all kinds of things. In my mind there were reels of movies playing and I was the star. Although, as a young girl I did most of my daydreaming at the wrong times, I believe it was and still is a blessing that I am able to use my imagination to build vivid pictures in my mind.

These days, my imagination is focused on things above. In other words, I spend a lot of time imagining the things I read in the bible or hear preached from the pulpit. I always see myself talking to the Lord. The two of us sitting by a beautiful lake, sun shinning, birds singing and the colors of the landscape are more brilliant than I have ever seen before. My imagination takes me walking on streets of gold and dancing on green, green grass. I imagine seeing my grandmother, no longer sick but full of life and laughter. All these scenes that play in my mind are there to encourage me. They are what I hope for and what I look forward to.

Don’t get me wrong, the images playing in my vivid imagination go beyond the beauty of heaven. There are also scenes of the things promised me for here on earth. I see myself standing before huge crowds of people, preaching and prophesying the Word of the Lord during conferences. I see ALL of my family saved and serving the Lord. My husband and I, still Pastoring, however, we are doing it full-time. Our children, all successful, are serving in some capacity of ministry with their spouses. Financially, we are in a great place. Our physical health is good and our spiritual health, even better. We (hubby and I) live in a beautiful condo overseeing an amazing and serene view. We travel together often for ministry as well as leisure. We live a life of, HEAVEN ON EARTH.

I enjoy getting lost in my thoughts. I love to watch the movies in my mind. It is a constant reminder to me of God’s love, mercy and grace. It keeps me wanting more of Him and pushes me to keep pressing in until I see heaven move earth. Trust me, heaven has moved on my behalf several times And I am more than thankful but, I refuse to be satisfied because that would only mean that I don’t believe that the Lord has more for me and wants much more for me. So, for that reason, I will continue to watch the ‘MOVIES IN MY MIND’ and wait on the Lord to do all that He pleases.



About weightingonthelord

Blessings! Just in case you are wondering, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and most importantly, a Jesus lover! At times, I get inspired to write. Not about anything specific, just life; my thoughts, my faith,my worship, my struggles, my ministry, my family......whatever. I am obsessed with the sunrise and sunset! I have a few things on my bucket list. Simple things, like: -Take a picture in a Lavender Field. -Take pictures of the sunset and sunrise from a mountain top. -Visit New Zealand. -Learn to Make a dress. -Grow out my gray hair and be proud of it. -Preach to a stadium full of people. -Preach in another part of the world. -Finally, conquer these 15 extra pounds and get the best body I've had! So, there you have it! So, I invite you to read what I write and share what you feel. Maybe, I'll make you smile or cause you to laugh. Maybe, I'll make you think or even shed a tear. I want to be real and give you a glimpse into my life while I am, weighting on the Lord. Lea

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