Monthly Archives: September 2012



This earth, although at times cruel and ugly, is heaven to me,
because you are with me.

The ocean, with it’s terrible waves crashing, will not cause me to shake or be afraid,
because you are with me.

Even through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be fearful of evil,
because you are with me.

The sky, far and untouchable, becomes an easel of magnificent artwork,
because you are with me.

The sweet perfume of flowers rises up to greet me,
because you are with me.

My heart, filled with songs of praise, dances before you,
because you are with me.

The oil of Your anointing runs through my veins and I am completely saturated,
because You are with me.

Abba, I rejoice in knowing that Your Love for me is eternal. It will never end,
because You will never leave me!




Good Morning friends!  You would not believe why I woke up feeling great. Of course it’s because,”This is the day the Lord has made…” but it’s also because, last night, after being out of high school for over 20 years, I actually had to re-learn some algebra. This may not seem like a big deal […]