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My Life Saver


I was dragging a tremendous weight that was trying to pull me low.
Emotionally, I felt like a soap bubble floating,
fragile and ready to burst.
I was wrapped up in a blanket of heaviness
Pain and sorrow screaming in my ear,
” you can’t! you won’t! Never! Impossible!”
The light seemed so far away
darkness so close at hand.
“Help Me, oh Lord!” I screamed
Suddenly, in a moment,
Like a rushing wind against my skin,
I heard a voice, soft yet loud,
Tender and oh, so powerful!
“Lift up your eyes and look into the sky”
I opened my eyes and focused my attention above.
The beauty I saw was mesmerizing.
The sun was setting in the horizon.
The clouds were gently sitting in the sky.
Hues of color illuminating against the heavens,
Like a fiery storm of art work exploding before me.
Peace, peace, peace filled me
like a mighty rushing river, it quenched my longing.
Truth revealed His presence to me and
All my fears dissipated like a wind blown fog.
My doubts and worries began to fade away.
Again, the voice sounded from within my being,
“Who can paint the sky to greet the night?”
“Who can cause the trees to dance in praise?”
“Who can speak to the impossible and make it possible?”
“Who gives a dream and then makes it reality?”
“Who turns sorrow into joy?”
“Who gives beauty for ashes and strength for tears?”
Overwhelmed by pure love, I answered:
“Only You, Lord. Only You!”
In a breath, He lifted away the heaviness.
I no longer felt the weight pulling me low.
The darkness that encompassed me,
Was overtaken by His light.
I was free, cleansed, lifted from a low place
And set upon a mountain of faith and surety.
The blanket that now surrounds me
Is Revelation and truth!
I can boldly say;
“I am secure in You, Lord! I am secure in You!”



A Mother’s Gift


It was baffling, the way my mom always seemed to know when something was wrong with me. It was as if she had a spy following me around. There was very little that I could do that she would not find out about. All my sneaky planning, lying and excuse making was a waste, because without fail, I would be confronted by mom. I still remember clearly so many of “those” conversations we would have. Let me give you a visual: Read the rest of this entry

Everyday Miracles


Everyday Miracles

Why are we so blind?
Why can’t we see the everyday miracles?
They surround us
they touch us
They speak to us
They scream at us
and yet, we don’t see.
Let’s open our eyes and look
Let’s be quiet and listen

Day breaks forth with the light of the sun…..
A miracle!
Birds sing songs of praise……
A miracle!
Clouds let down the mist and the rain….
A miracle!
The Spirit of God touches your face and you awaken….
A miracle!
The air you need is free to breathe……
A miracle!
The beauty of the sky and the sea
A miracle!
The feel of the wind against your face…..
A miracle!
A tender touch, a loving embrace
A miracle!



It’s been quite a while since I’ve been inspired to write. I can’t really explain why, but I will say this, I won’t write until The Lord says, ” it’s time to write”

Well, the word finally came and I heard Him say;
“Writing is a gift. It is an outlet. It is a place of relief. It is a lesson, a learning, a teaching.
It can bring life or death.
Writing brings a smile, a laugh and or a tear.
Writing gives perspective and that perspective will cause change or keep things stagnant.
the words that are written are read and once read, absorbed and once they are absorbed, they become part of a life…..
what you write are words and words are alive!”

Now, I write this to YOU:

You were created for a reason.
You are special and no one can be YOU the way you can.
The Lord has great things for you.
Embrace Him and never let Him go.
He is the Potter and you are the clay.
Allow Him to mold you and shape you and recreate you.
Although the process may be long and tedious, the out come will be wonderful and well worth it.
So now, beautiful one, believe that you are loved!
The Lord had me write this ESPECIALLY for YOU!
He wanted you to be reminded of just how wonderful YOU TRULY ARE!s