It’s been quite a while since I’ve been inspired to write. I can’t really explain why, but I will say this, I won’t write until The Lord says, ” it’s time to write”

Well, the word finally came and I heard Him say;
“Writing is a gift. It is an outlet. It is a place of relief. It is a lesson, a learning, a teaching.
It can bring life or death.
Writing brings a smile, a laugh and or a tear.
Writing gives perspective and that perspective will cause change or keep things stagnant.
the words that are written are read and once read, absorbed and once they are absorbed, they become part of a life…..
what you write are words and words are alive!”

Now, I write this to YOU:

You were created for a reason.
You are special and no one can be YOU the way you can.
The Lord has great things for you.
Embrace Him and never let Him go.
He is the Potter and you are the clay.
Allow Him to mold you and shape you and recreate you.
Although the process may be long and tedious, the out come will be wonderful and well worth it.
So now, beautiful one, believe that you are loved!
The Lord had me write this ESPECIALLY for YOU!
He wanted you to be reminded of just how wonderful YOU TRULY ARE!s


About weightingonthelord

Blessings! Just in case you are wondering, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and most importantly, a Jesus lover! At times, I get inspired to write. Not about anything specific, just life; my thoughts, my faith,my worship, my struggles, my ministry, my family......whatever. I am obsessed with the sunrise and sunset! I have a few things on my bucket list. Simple things, like: -Take a picture in a Lavender Field. -Take pictures of the sunset and sunrise from a mountain top. -Visit New Zealand. -Learn to Make a dress. -Grow out my gray hair and be proud of it. -Preach to a stadium full of people. -Preach in another part of the world. -Finally, conquer these 15 extra pounds and get the best body I've had! So, there you have it! So, I invite you to read what I write and share what you feel. Maybe, I'll make you smile or cause you to laugh. Maybe, I'll make you think or even shed a tear. I want to be real and give you a glimpse into my life while I am, weighting on the Lord. Lea

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