Everyday Miracles


Everyday Miracles

Why are we so blind?
Why can’t we see the everyday miracles?
They surround us
they touch us
They speak to us
They scream at us
and yet, we don’t see.
Let’s open our eyes and look
Let’s be quiet and listen

Day breaks forth with the light of the sun…..
A miracle!
Birds sing songs of praise……
A miracle!
Clouds let down the mist and the rain….
A miracle!
The Spirit of God touches your face and you awaken….
A miracle!
The air you need is free to breathe……
A miracle!
The beauty of the sky and the sea
A miracle!
The feel of the wind against your face…..
A miracle!
A tender touch, a loving embrace
A miracle!


About weightingonthelord

Blessings! Just in case you are wondering, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and most importantly, a Jesus lover! At times, I get inspired to write. Not about anything specific, just life; my thoughts, my faith,my worship, my struggles, my ministry, my family......whatever. I am obsessed with the sunrise and sunset! I have a few things on my bucket list. Simple things, like: -Take a picture in a Lavender Field. -Take pictures of the sunset and sunrise from a mountain top. -Visit New Zealand. -Learn to Make a dress. -Grow out my gray hair and be proud of it. -Preach to a stadium full of people. -Preach in another part of the world. -Finally, conquer these 15 extra pounds and get the best body I've had! So, there you have it! So, I invite you to read what I write and share what you feel. Maybe, I'll make you smile or cause you to laugh. Maybe, I'll make you think or even shed a tear. I want to be real and give you a glimpse into my life while I am, weighting on the Lord. Lea

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