Yesterday I went with my hubby and granddaughter to the movies. Our plan was to take her to see Rio 2, however, it was sold out. Our second choice was, ‘Heaven is Real’. I actually wasn’t disappointed because I had been wanting to see it anyway. I went in with high hopes for the movie and left full of emotion and very pensive. It bought back so many great memories and also caused me sadness.

The star of the movie was the most adorable little boy. He had big blue eyes, a pouty mouth, big cheeks and tons of expression. I felt like I was looking at our son Giovanni as a little boy again. That wasn’t the only thing; as the story unfolded, I realized how similar a story they shared. Gio, as a small boy, also had a visitation from Jesus. Unlike the little boy in the story, our son was not in the hospital undergoing surgery. He was home sick with the chickenpox. However, his pox came and left in a matter of a few days. His big sister was full of pox and they lasted more than a week. We never even questioned why his came on so light and left so quick. There was an explanation. Not one that is easily believed or understood by most but, a very legitimate one, a supernatural one, a MIRACLE.

As I mentioned before; we never questioned why he got better so quickly but, one night, while tucking Gio and his big sister Rahjanni into bed, it all came to light, the unasked questions were answered. At the tender age of five, Giovanni had an experience that most Christians would desire and all others would chalk up as a “vivid imagination”. In his own way, he must have known that it would not be easy to swallow because he approached the story very cautiously. I won’t be giving all the details of his experience but, maybe in the future I will. After saying prayers that night with Rahjanni and Gio, I gave them a kiss and said goodnight. Originally, I would have walk out of the room but Gio asked me a question that kept me from leaving. “Mommy, do you believe in angels?” my immediate response was, “yes, I do.” “Do you believe we can see angels?” he asked. “Well, I believe that if the Lord wants you to see them, then you will” was my answer. With his big innocent stare he blurted, “Because I saw angels!”. He went on to give a very detailed account of what he experienced. I of course, immediately called my husband in the room. We asked him plenty of questions to see if the story would change or if he would get stumped. He answered each one without hesitation and described things very carefully. Don’t forget, he was only five but he still gave details that lined up very well with things we had read in the bible. I knew that writing down every detail of his experience would be important, so I did. 

My Husband and I had no doubts, after hearing the details, that Gio was not lying nor, was he using his imagination. It was very evident that he had experienced a visitation from Jesus. He walked with Him and talked with Him. He experienced the beauty and the immeasurable joy of heaven. As a parent, I felt so honored and proud that he chose Gio to visit. I craved the same experience and often asked The Lord for a manifested visit. It has not happened, at least not yet but I am still hopeful.

Believe it or not, as Giovanni grew older (now 26), the memory of his experience faded. I don’t worry about it of even question it. I believe that at the right moment, it will all be given back to him. The memory will be fresh and it will be used in a powerful way. Many years ago I read a book titled, ‘I Saw Heaven,’ by Roberts Liardon. In this book, he tells of his manifested visitation with Jesus and going to heaven. Mr. Liardon had the visitation when he was eight years old but the Lord took the memory and gave it back when he was in his twenties so he could write a book.

In the movie, ‘Heaven is Real’ the little boy’s parents had a very difficult time believing what their son was sharing with them. Even though his dad was a pastor and his mom lead the choir, the idea of seeing Jesus or heaven before death, seemed so far-fetched to them. It broke my heart to know that so many Christians doubt The Lord’s power. They no longer believe in the supernatural things of God. Miracles of healing, financial miracles, visions, visitations and or even resurrection from death is nothing but an old wives tale to so many, too many. In the book of Revelation, John was taken to heaven and shown many things, things he was to write and share. He had a supernatural experience. In Hebrews 13:8, it tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means that everything about Him is unchangeable, including His miraculous ways. Could our doubts as adults be the reason why so many of us have yet to experience the supernatural miracles we have read about in the bible? Could it be the fear of leaving our comfort zones that prevent us from being in the manifested presence of The Lord? Have we allowed our flesh to control our beliefs and keep us from pursuing the Glory of God? My prayer is,”Lord,forgive my doubts and fears. I desire you more than the air I breathe. I believe that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You still work in the miraculous. I long to remain in your Presence and to experience your manifested Glory. In Your precious name I pray, amen.”


About weightingonthelord

Blessings! Just in case you are wondering, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and most importantly, a Jesus lover! At times, I get inspired to write. Not about anything specific, just life; my thoughts, my faith,my worship, my struggles, my ministry, my family......whatever. I am obsessed with the sunrise and sunset! I have a few things on my bucket list. Simple things, like: -Take a picture in a Lavender Field. -Take pictures of the sunset and sunrise from a mountain top. -Visit New Zealand. -Learn to Make a dress. -Grow out my gray hair and be proud of it. -Preach to a stadium full of people. -Preach in another part of the world. -Finally, conquer these 15 extra pounds and get the best body I've had! So, there you have it! So, I invite you to read what I write and share what you feel. Maybe, I'll make you smile or cause you to laugh. Maybe, I'll make you think or even shed a tear. I want to be real and give you a glimpse into my life while I am, weighting on the Lord. Lea

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