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How Do I Find The Words?


How I wish I could take my pen in hand and write words that express how I feel about you.
Words that speak of Your Awesome Wonders.
Words of praise for your Majestic Splendor and Magnificent Beauty!

How do I declare my gratefulness for Your Grace and My appreciation for Your Mercy?
It is difficult to articulate, how Your Love overwhelms me!

How do I show esteem for Your Glory?
What words do I use to give reverence to Your Holiness?
Are there sufficient words to explain Your Righteousness?




How do I find the words????


An Instrument


I am an instrument

not made of silver or gold.

I am an instrument

not made of wood or brass.

I am an instrument

not for hands to hold and strum.

I am an instrument

not for man to bang or blow.

I am an instrument

with a unique sound of my own.

I am an instrument

with a voice and a tone.

I am an instrument

 like the sun, my worship

does rise.

I am an instrument

to be enjoyed by the Lord.

It suddenly hit me. Revelation. The depths of my praise. The heights of my worship. Not just words but, life. Every note, every sound, every phrase. All of it. My praise and my worship opens the shut doors. My praise and my worship, create windows in the heavens for blessings to pour down. As I surrender my song to Abba, He stands up from His throne. He smiles. He dances over me like the waves dance in the sea. He responds with a song. A song just for me. The Words are not heard but felt like rain upon my face or a kiss on my cheek. He covers me in peace that surpasses all understanding. He answers my questions and calms my fears. His love is unstoppable and unending. forever more I will sing my song of praise. My worship will never stop. I am an instrument to be played for Him.





There is something that happens whenever The Lord is about to move you to another level or Whenever something powerful is about to take place. The enemy tries to interrupt and or disrupt. He starts throwing things at you unexpectedly to cause you to trip and fall. Read the rest of this entry

I’m ALIVE!!!!!!



Over the 26  years that I have been serving The Lord, I must say, they have not always been easy. The hardest thing for me was waiting on Him. I, like so many, wanted the answers NOW! Tomorrow was too long! Of course, that is not the way our Lord does things. Everything is on His time and His way! Although I could preach that to the masses, I found it difficult to accept it for myself. There were times that I would give The Lord direction on HOW He should do what I wanted. Imagine that! There I am, before The Lord’s throne:
           “Hello Abba! As you know, I am in                  need of a financial miracle (etc.). Since you are my provider and the owner of the cattle upon a thousand hills (psalms 50:10), surely, You can afford to bless me with a portion”. “I know that You don’t want me stressing over bills and That You expect the best from me but, my clothes haven’t been the best lately. What if something happens? I don’t have “extra” for emergencies. I know gambling is out of the question but maybe tomorrow when I go for my walk, you can put the winning lottery ticket on the grass somewhere That I can see it and no one else. Thank you, Lord! Now I will go to sleep and believe that I’ll have it MY WAY.”
As you probably have guessed, things never really went the way I planned. You see, I was being taught a powerful lesson; God is in CONTROL!
During the process of this lesson, I received many spiritual bumps and bruises. I had to work out my salvation, daily, with fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12). Every hard day was an opportunity to speak to my flesh and to proclaim to my Lord; “flesh, in you lays no truth! Lord, no matter how this may look or feel, I place my trust in You. You hold the outcome to my situation in your hands!  I choose to believe that the best is yet to come!” Well, as you can imagine, my words were always tested. Like a fitness fanatic, I had to pump the weights of faith. Sometimes they felt heavier than others. Some days, I woke up feeling like I didn’t want to get out of bed to workout. However,  just like in the physical, I had to overlook the fleshly feelings and push myself to do what I knew would be the best. As time passed, I found that it became easier to trust. My faith became stronger day by day. My spiritual eyes were beginning to see with clarity and my spiritual ears were beginning to hear the “still small voice” of The Lord without having to strain. Now, when the answer comes, I am well prepared to handle it the way that I am expected to.
My hubby and I have been in ministry since 1990. First serving as youth pastors and then being called to pastor a church. My husband/Pastor always worked two jobs while pastoring. He included The Lord in every thing he did and in every decision he made. For many years he prayed for full-time ministry. Being the man of God that he is, he wanted to be sure that his family was well provided for. Of course, he always knew that The Lord would make a way so that one day he could let go of his secular job to work the ministry full-time. Even with knowing, there were days that he would say, “When, Lord”? Not because he was losing faith but because his physical body was getting weary. He held on and trusted. Now, After 14 years, on January 8th, 2013, he is finally retired from his job at the school board! The Lord opened the door and said, “Time to take a step of faith and leave the school”. Since that point, it seems that Abba has been proving himself tremendously, especially to me.
Many people have asked me if I am worried because Eric (my husband) is no longer going to be getting paid by the school board? I honestly respond, “no”. Maybe a few years ago, I would have been completely stressed out about it. O would have been trying to figure out what I was going to do to bring in money. i would have been doing inventory of everything in my home, to see what i could sell and for how much. These days, I’ m actually excited about see 
How The Lord is going to take care of us. Now, we are completely dependent on Him alone. It took me so many years to finally accept that my way is not the right way! I have truly laid myself and my life before The Lord, NOW I am I truly ALIVE!





This earth, although at times cruel and ugly, is heaven to me,
because you are with me.

The ocean, with it’s terrible waves crashing, will not cause me to shake or be afraid,
because you are with me.

Even through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be fearful of evil,
because you are with me.

The sky, far and untouchable, becomes an easel of magnificent artwork,
because you are with me.

The sweet perfume of flowers rises up to greet me,
because you are with me.

My heart, filled with songs of praise, dances before you,
because you are with me.

The oil of Your anointing runs through my veins and I am completely saturated,
because You are with me.

Abba, I rejoice in knowing that Your Love for me is eternal. It will never end,
because You will never leave me!

Me, Myself and I: An Epiphany



Last Saturday, I decided to go to the mall. I had every intention of running in and quickly getting out. I did what I always do. I went into the parking garage, drove up to the fifth floor and quickly found a parking by the entrance.  I thanked the Lord for a good parking, got out of my car and proceeded into the mall. I had to pass the movie theater in order to get to the escalator. I noticed a few people buying tickets and I was a little surprised because it was only 10am. I thought; “who goes to a movie this early?” Apparently, many people do. Just before I got to the escalator, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Go and buy a movie ticket.” That sounded ridiculous to me! “Alone?” I thought. Why would I go to a movie and sit by myself? How absurd…..or was it?

There I was, Me, Myself and I, standing at the ticket counter. “One ticket for  ‘Sparkle’ please.” I looked around to see if I knew anyone. Who knows, maybe I would run into a friend and sit with her or maybe I was just hoping that no one I knew would see me alone at a movie. I didn’t want anyone assuming that my husband (who was spending time with our sons) and I were fighting or that I had become a pitiful person with no friends (I am so dramatic!). The attendant handed us (Me, Myself and I) the ticket. I thanked him, went to the concession stand and bought a pretzel and an ice tea. I gathered myself and walked into the theater all alone, like a professional movie goer.

it was only half full so I had a pretty good choice of seats. I went about half way up and chose a seat close to the aisle. I felt a little awkward but, I got comfortable and waited for the movie to begin. While I waited, I had a little discussion with the Lord (Abba):

ME:“So, why did You want me to come into a movie alone?”

ABBA: “Are you alone? I’m here with you.”

ME: “I know. You’re always with me.”

ABBA: “I Am always with you and I enjoy our time spent together.

I want You to enjoy our time as well, but you have to learn to

enjoy ‘YOU’ the way I enjoy You.”

That short conversation really made me think. Why had I always felt negatively towards doing things by myself? Was it because I didn’t like who I was or was I subconsciously avoiding realities that I was afraid to face? I realize that it was a little of both. I have shared with you in previous blogs that I’m going through a process of improvement in my life. Before anything can improve, you have to know what to work on. In order to do that, all the junk must be exposed. I began to converse with myself (not out loud, of course!):

ME: “Okay, there’s a first for everything and today is our (Me, Myself and I) first time alone at the movies.

We can choose to make the best of it or fret over it.”

MYSELF:  “What if this is a sad movie and you begin to cry? What if it’s a funny movie and you laugh out loud?”

I: “Well, I guess that would only be proof that you are okay. If it’s sad, it’s okay to cry and if it’s funny,

it’s okay to laugh.”

As simple as it may sound, it was my epiphany. I AM OKAY. Being okay may not sound like anything special but it can grow into something special. So it has been decided that only with time by MYSELF, getting to know ME,  will become who ABBA created me to be….more than okay, SPECIAL!

Hey, are you wondering how the movie went? I had a wonderful time! I laughed and I cried. I felt great being with myself and knowing that the Lord was encouraging me to enjoy ME time. It will not be the last time I make time for ME, MYSELF and I. Maybe next time, I’ll go to a restaurant or have a picnic on the beach.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”  2 Corinthians 5:17