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There is No Cloud!

There is No Cloud!

I find such peace and solace when I look at the sky. I love to capture the beauty of it on my cellphone camera. I am not a professional photographer, by any means. However, I would really enjoy spending a part of my day pretending that I am professional (Does a professional use a cellphone?).

It just seems that when I look up, I see artwork. I  see pictures in the clouds, the hues of the light, the sunbeams, the brightness of the moon against the night and the twinkling of the stars make up a story. Each story speaks to me. It ministers to the deepest parts of my heart.

On the day I took this picture, the sun was peeking out from behind the cloud. It reminded me that no matter how dark things may seem to be, all it takes is a little light to brighten things up. Jesus is the light of my life. Although, there may be times that I feel like darkness is trying to overtake me, Holy Spirit always reminds me that He is with me and then, I can see the light peeking out through my situation.

There is no cloud (problem, situation, etc.) that can keep the light (Jesus) out!


We are Sisters


There was a time in my life when I always seemed to have friends. I always had those few that were my closest friends. I never had to walk a mall alone, go to lunch alone or see a girlie movie alone. It’s part of being a pastor. My husband (and pastor) and I have a great relationship but, just like he enjoys having his man time, I enjoy my girl time. Eric and I love going to dinner, seeing a good movie, walking, talking and laughing together (he still knows how to make me laugh). However, when he works on one of his mechanical projects or does yard work, he also enjoys that, but I do not. 

I have always been a social butterfly. I had to learn to enjoy my own company and realize that it was time with my thoughts and The Lord. Still, at sometimes, I feel lonely. I desire human interaction outside of the church building and my husband. He doesn’t enjoy, what he likes to call, “girlie” movies, looking at make-up, getting manis or pedis, or sharing crazy stories that only women like to share.

This designed path of mine makes it difficult to find another woman who understands my life. Often, the expectations of others, can be overwhelming. According to many, I shouldn’t have down days, weak or angry moments.There is a different kind of pressure placed on women like me, women who are pastors and or married to pastors.  There is a lack of support for us. A lack of fellowship between us. There are things we go through that only others  in our position can understand. Sadly, you won’t often find a group of female pastors spending time together outside of ministry. Rarely, do you see them sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee, chatting or just enjoying a day together. The truth is, you don’t often find us leaning on one another for moral support, good advice, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to share great news with. 

It really is a sad situation. I know how alienated I sometimes feel so, there must many more out there feeling the same. We always offer ourselves to be a sounding board or a word of wisdom to our congregation members. Is it too difficult for us to be that to one another? We should be praying for each other. We should be building the Kingdom of God, here in earth as it is in Heaven, together. We should not worry about sheep steeling. We should not covet or be jealous of one another. When you are blessed, I am blessed. We are sisters!

A Powerful Marriage

A couple of weeks ago, at bible study, My husband (pastor Eric) and I  had everyone sit in a circle. It was our way of making everyone feel part of what we were about to discuss; marriage. It seems, lately, that we are having more and more married couples complaining about their relationships. The problem seems to be, that too many couples have lost sight of how much work we are actually supposed to put into our marital relationships in order to make it the marriage that God intended.
Eric and I have been married for 27 years. We were both young when we married. I was 19 and he was 21. We started having children immediately and quickly realized, that our “feelings” for one another was not enough to get us through all the hardships we were going to endure. If it had not been for our desire to please God and our love for Him, we would not have come this far. I could pretty much guarantee that we would have divorced more than 20 years ago.



It’s been quite a while since I’ve been inspired to write. I can’t really explain why, but I will say this, I won’t write until The Lord says, ” it’s time to write”

Well, the word finally came and I heard Him say;
“Writing is a gift. It is an outlet. It is a place of relief. It is a lesson, a learning, a teaching.
It can bring life or death.
Writing brings a smile, a laugh and or a tear.
Writing gives perspective and that perspective will cause change or keep things stagnant.
the words that are written are read and once read, absorbed and once they are absorbed, they become part of a life…..
what you write are words and words are alive!”

Now, I write this to YOU:

You were created for a reason.
You are special and no one can be YOU the way you can.
The Lord has great things for you.
Embrace Him and never let Him go.
He is the Potter and you are the clay.
Allow Him to mold you and shape you and recreate you.
Although the process may be long and tedious, the out come will be wonderful and well worth it.
So now, beautiful one, believe that you are loved!
The Lord had me write this ESPECIALLY for YOU!
He wanted you to be reminded of just how wonderful YOU TRULY ARE!s

Even In My Not-So-Good Times



Not long ago, I began reading the book of Job and, in the very first chapter, Everything that Job owned was taken away from him and all his children killed. I could not even imagine the agonizing pain and grief that Job must have felt. Read the rest of this entry