In the beginning, it all came so easy. I started Weight Watcher’s, changed my diet and began losing weight. I was feeling so good. I had more energy. I felt like I had finally conquered, what I call, “The thorn in my side”. After getting married and having children, I always seem to struggle with my weight. This time however, I really believed that the struggle was over. I even stood up before our church congregation and told them that I finally was in a place of victory and I wasn’t going back. WRONG!!!!! Without warning, I was completely blindsided! Like a boxer, in round 2, I was feeling a little weary and out of focus. Suddenly, I was hit with a left, then a right and BOOM, the uppercut made me weak at the knees and I was down for the count! “One, two, three…….”

A professional fighter is always taught to protect their face, to keep moving and always be prepared. A christian is taught to guard their heart and to keep moving so you’ll be prepared. In other words, keep your heart pure and never allow yourself to become stagnant when it comes to your relationship with the Lord and you’ll always be prepared. For what?  For whatever may come your way. It may sound impossible but it’s not! If we stay close to the Lord, trust Him with all our heart and never get so comfortable that we don’t move when God says “move”, then we will be able to hear Him as He leads us through every and any situation.

“…………four, five six……” In May, I will be 48. I can remember some of the older women in my family talking about ‘the change of life’. All I knew about it was that you no longer got your menstrual cycle. That seemed like a great thing! Yes, I knew that hot flashes were involved and a little moodiness but it couldn’t be that serious! OH BOY, Was I in for a SURPRISE! Right in the middle of losing weight, the symptoms started. Things I didn’t expect and things I thought would be a breeze. First, my hair started to fall out. Every time I brushed, I was shocked by what I saw. My beautician even suggested I see a doctor. My emotions were on a roller coaster ride; up a hill, down a hill, around a sharp turn. I was happy, sad, angry, crying or laughing. My hands seemed to look ten years older, dry and wrinkly! My face, a little more like a sad hound dog. Where did all the lines come from and can I send them back? My back, my feet, my legs took turns aching or ached all at once. I lost my desire and energy to workout and my cravings…..let’s just say, ridiculous! SO, of course, what do you think happen? All those pounds that I fought to get off returned with a vengeance!!!


I may be bruised and a little battered but, I finally got my second wind! I’m throwing blows left and right! I’m doing what works for me, counting points, working out and trying to drink lots of water. I’m keeping track of everything I eat and every workout I do. I push myself by remembering how great I felt when the pounds fell off. Besides, in March 2015, there is a very special wedding that I have to attend. I look forward to wearing a beautiful dress and feeling beautiful in it. I realized a very important thing; never take anything for granted. That was exactly my problem. I stopped involving The Lord in the process of my weight loss thus, being ill prepared for the side effects of my “Change”. It may sound silly to you but The Father is interested in the tiny details of our life as much as the huge details. Now, I’ll remember to guard my heart, keep moving and fight the good fight. I’m well aware of one important thing;  that The Heavy Weight Champion of all the universe has my back and guides my moves!





About weightingonthelord

Blessings! Just in case you are wondering, I am a wife, mother, grandmother and most importantly, a Jesus lover! At times, I get inspired to write. Not about anything specific, just life; my thoughts, my faith,my worship, my struggles, my ministry, my family......whatever. I am obsessed with the sunrise and sunset! I have a few things on my bucket list. Simple things, like: -Take a picture in a Lavender Field. -Take pictures of the sunset and sunrise from a mountain top. -Visit New Zealand. -Learn to Make a dress. -Grow out my gray hair and be proud of it. -Preach to a stadium full of people. -Preach in another part of the world. -Finally, conquer these 15 extra pounds and get the best body I've had! So, there you have it! So, I invite you to read what I write and share what you feel. Maybe, I'll make you smile or cause you to laugh. Maybe, I'll make you think or even shed a tear. I want to be real and give you a glimpse into my life while I am, weighting on the Lord. Lea

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