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Yesterday I went with my hubby and granddaughter to the movies. Our plan was to take her to see Rio 2, however, it was sold out. Our second choice was, ‘Heaven is Real’. I actually wasn’t disappointed because I had been wanting to see it anyway. I went in with high hopes for the movie and left full of emotion and very pensive. It bought back so many great memories and also caused me sadness. Read the rest of this entry




In the beginning, it all came so easy. I started Weight Watcher’s, changed my diet and began losing weight. I was feeling so good. I had more energy. I felt like I had finally conquered, what I call, “The thorn in my side”. After getting married and having children, I always seem to struggle with my weight. This time however, I really believed that the struggle was over. I even stood up before our church congregation and told them that I finally was in a place of victory and I wasn’t going back. WRONG!!!!! Without warning, I was completely blindsided! Like a boxer, in round 2, I was feeling a little weary and out of focus. Suddenly, I was hit with a left, then a right and BOOM, the uppercut made me weak at the knees and I was down for the count! “One, two, three…….” Read the rest of this entry

There is No Cloud!

There is No Cloud!

I find such peace and solace when I look at the sky. I love to capture the beauty of it on my cellphone camera. I am not a professional photographer, by any means. However, I would really enjoy spending a part of my day pretending that I am professional (Does a professional use a cellphone?).

It just seems that when I look up, I see artwork. I  see pictures in the clouds, the hues of the light, the sunbeams, the brightness of the moon against the night and the twinkling of the stars make up a story. Each story speaks to me. It ministers to the deepest parts of my heart.

On the day I took this picture, the sun was peeking out from behind the cloud. It reminded me that no matter how dark things may seem to be, all it takes is a little light to brighten things up. Jesus is the light of my life. Although, there may be times that I feel like darkness is trying to overtake me, Holy Spirit always reminds me that He is with me and then, I can see the light peeking out through my situation.

There is no cloud (problem, situation, etc.) that can keep the light (Jesus) out!

In A Flash!


There’s been a funny kind of rumbling in the pit of my stomach. It isn’t a pain or anything physical. It’s much deeper than that. It’s very much real and alive and growing within me. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but, I can say that I know it’s the Lord. I have been asking Him for more. I have been telling Him that I wanna go deeper and Higher (only in God can we go deeper while going higher). I am running towards my destiny but while on my way, I have to tread over hills and mountains and sometimes trudge through muddy waters but, I know that my journey, the good and bad, is full of lessons and reminders of all the promises given to me by the Lord. However, recently I have been getting very small and quick pictures or words from Him (the Lord). It’s like a puzzle being slowly put together within me. I actually feel like I am a student in HSU (Holy Spirit University).

Let me see if I can explain this a little better for you. Have you ever woken up from a very vivid dream and in a very short time, those clear images that were there, begin to fade? As the day goes on, you get small flashbacks of your dream but it still is not clear enough to make a full story out of it. You know the dream happened, you know it was vivid but you also know that outside of your sleep state, the picture is not clear enough. Suddenly, there comes a time that you get a much bigger flashback and then you really start remembering major points of the dream. Do you know what I mean? That’s what I have been experiencing. The difference is, that it’s not a dream I’m trying to remember, it’s a spiritual placement, a positioning that I’m trying to get into. The Lord is giving me flashes and quick pictures of this place but, not enough for me to fully comprehend it yet. Be that as it may, I trust Him completely and fully. I’m excited to see the outcome and can not wait for that “suddenly” moment when the picture becomes clear.

In the mean time, I’m going to strive to do well while attending HSU. I will study and pray. I will listen attentively to my teacher and I won’t ever be afraid to ask questions and seek after the answers. I will never be a  graduate of this University but, a lifetime student and I’m proud to say that! I never want to feel like I’ve reached the top. How disappointing that would be if there were an end to how high and how deep we could go in the Lord. I’m excited about this time of my life and I am so looking forward to my new position and placement!

This Move


I moved, however, this move did not require much labor what so ever. This time I did not need to pack any clothes. This time, I did not have to empty out kitchen cabinets or even the fridge. This time, there were no glasses or china to wrap in newspaper. This time, there was no need for a truck or even a car. I did not even have to buy paint, furniture or cleaning products for this move! This move did not take place because I was unhappy. It was only so I would have a stronger sense of security. The only concern I have regarding this move is, YOU!

I would hate to think that we could lose contact. What if we can no longer share stories with one another? That would be quite sad because I really enjoy the time I spend sharing with you and you with me. HEY! I have a great idea! I will leave behind some of my things, that way when you come and visit, you will know that  I WAS here, but I still want you to find me at my new location so I will leave you this note:

Dear Friend,

I am no longer at this address but, I have not gone very far.

As a matter of fact, I am a little easier to find. I have left behind a few old things that you will recognize but, I will have some new things for you to enjoy. Please come by and pay me a visit so we can share some time together. Feel free to bring friends and family along. The more, the merrier! My new address is: I hope to see you there soon!

Your Friend and fellow Blogger,


Oh Lord, Help Me See!


Yesterday I had a discussion with one of my daughters. She was upset about having to do something she really did not want to do. I became frustrated at the thought of her lacking appreciation for “how good she has it”, and with that, I began to think…..

How often do I gripe and complain to the Lord? Unfortunately, I have done it too often. A great example of my complaining would go something like this: “Lord, I have been asking you for (whatever) for so long. I have been trusting you and believing for it. I have faith that you are going to do it, BUT why haven’t you?” or like this: “I am so tired of driving children around, washing dishes and cooking!”. I can only imagine the look on God’s face while I whine over silly things. He probably looks over to Jesus, and says; “Can you believe her complaint? She continues to ask me for things I don’t want for her. I have blessed her abundantly but, she has not been able to see it because her focus is on what is not for her. She says she is tired of driving children while, so many are childless and have no car to drive. She’s tired of washing dishes in her air conditioned home and cooking food that she is able to buy every week.” Oh Lord, help me to see! I don’t want to be a selfish, spoiled rotten and an unappreciative daughter. I want to always be thankful for what I have and trust your reasons for what I do not have.

What about you? Have you been a whiney baby lately? Do you need to take your focus away from the things you are complaining about and start focusing on the things the Lord has already done for you? We all need to be grateful to Him because if it were not for Him, where would we be? Think about it…….