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How Do I Find The Words?


How I wish I could take my pen in hand and write words that express how I feel about you.
Words that speak of Your Awesome Wonders.
Words of praise for your Majestic Splendor and Magnificent Beauty!

How do I declare my gratefulness for Your Grace and My appreciation for Your Mercy?
It is difficult to articulate, how Your Love overwhelms me!

How do I show esteem for Your Glory?
What words do I use to give reverence to Your Holiness?
Are there sufficient words to explain Your Righteousness?




How do I find the words????


An Instrument


I am an instrument

not made of silver or gold.

I am an instrument

not made of wood or brass.

I am an instrument

not for hands to hold and strum.

I am an instrument

not for man to bang or blow.

I am an instrument

with a unique sound of my own.

I am an instrument

with a voice and a tone.

I am an instrument

 like the sun, my worship

does rise.

I am an instrument

to be enjoyed by the Lord.

It suddenly hit me. Revelation. The depths of my praise. The heights of my worship. Not just words but, life. Every note, every sound, every phrase. All of it. My praise and my worship opens the shut doors. My praise and my worship, create windows in the heavens for blessings to pour down. As I surrender my song to Abba, He stands up from His throne. He smiles. He dances over me like the waves dance in the sea. He responds with a song. A song just for me. The Words are not heard but felt like rain upon my face or a kiss on my cheek. He covers me in peace that surpasses all understanding. He answers my questions and calms my fears. His love is unstoppable and unending. forever more I will sing my song of praise. My worship will never stop. I am an instrument to be played for Him.



Chasing Desperately After Him


Isn’t it a great feeling to be in the presence of someone you love and that loves you? To have great conversation, a few good laughs or even share some tears? How about just sitting in silence but knowing that the one you are sitting with understands you and accepts you? However, how would you feel if you were in a room with that same person but they never even looked your way. What if you were telling them how much you loved them but, they were preoccupied with something else? What would it be like to wrap your arms around that person, to let them know that you are there for them no matter what and they began to complain that they need more? Wouldn’t you feel irrelevant or insignificant? Of course you would! I would too!

Just recently, Sunday to be exact, I had an awesome experience, an experience that reminded me of how much I was loved, really, really loved. There were no words to be audibly heard. There were no physical gifts given. There was only the PRESENCE of God. I was completely wrapped in a blanket of love. The weight of His Glory felt like heaven had come down to meet earth and I was there in the midst of it. I was not alone in the room, I was in the middle of leading worship but it felt like I was alone in His Presence. I was reaching for my daddy because I wanted Him to know that I truly love Him. I took myself away from self-pity, from worldly stresses, from my own fleshly selfishness and just poured my love on Him with no strings attached. I put all my focus on Him and took the focus off of myself. In the midst of my worship, I realized how many times I had ignored Him as He spoke to me. I often expected from Him just because I felt like, “it was His job”. I complained of not being understood and feeling worthless at times, even though His Word clearly says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It also tells me how much He loves me and how He would never leave me or forsake me. In all my brattiness, still, He was patient with me. Still, He received my worship and in return, He poured His manifested presence down on me. That’s all it took, my surrender, my worship, my appreciation, recognizing Abba for who He is and not for what He does.

Although I have always loved worship, Sunday brought me to a new place in my worship. I became a desperate worshiper, a God Chaser. I will desperately chase after Him, not for things but just because I love Him and long to be in His presence. I don’t ever want to be that selfishness, unappreciative, complaining daughter again.


Even In My Not-So-Good Times



Not long ago, I began reading the book of Job and, in the very first chapter, Everything that Job owned was taken away from him and all his children killed. I could not even imagine the agonizing pain and grief that Job must have felt. Read the rest of this entry



I have a very vivid memory of being thirteen Years old, standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom and singing into a hairbrush; imagining myself before a stadium of people. I really thought at that time that I wanted to be a famous singer. However, now I know that my love for singing was a gift of worship that the Lord placed within me.

Being a famous singer is no longer a dream of mine. I still love to sing however, I don’t do it for the entertainment of people but for the Lord himself. You see, at thirteen, I had not yet come to the knowledge of what it meant to live a life of worship. The truth is, even now at forty-six (did I just say that out loud?) I am still learning what it means to be a worshipper. What I have learned has come from Word and from experience. Since it has changed my life and continues to do so, I wanted to share some things with you about what I now know.

Worship is not only something we do in our churches on Sundays, It should be a way of life. everyday actions and reactions, our choices and decisions all should scream, I LOVE YOU LORD! We need to always be aware that we are His creation and we are fearfully and wonderfully made (psalms 139:14). We are to always be a good representation of our Father, that is worship!

A worshipper is an adorer. In other words, it is a person who honors, loves and respects God.
Everything in our lives has to show that honor, love and respect. As women, we are very emotional and sometimes we do things without first stopping to say, “Abba, does this make you happy?”. I once heard a sister in Christ say, “Every morning I stand in my closet and say, Lord, what do you want me to wear today?” At the time, I really thought that was going overboard. It seemed ridiculous to me. Why on earth should I ask the Lord what to wear? I really didn’t think He was concerned with “silly things like that”. What I didn’t realize was I was the one who wasn’t concerned. He always wants to be included in our decision making. He knows that we will never make the right choices if He isn’t included. Allowing Him in, that is worship.

To worship in the greek is, ‘proskyneo’ which means to kiss like a dog, licking his master’s hand; to fawn or crouch to; to prostate oneself in homage. I know that the kissing like a dog thing sounds very strange but, think about it: a dog wants nothing more than to please his master. The dog’s licking (kissing) is a sign of complete surrender and love. He (the dog) will crouch down low before his master to show that he understands who is in charge. He will lay at his master’s feet because he know he is safe with him and wants to remain as close as possible. That is worship.

I continue daily to learn how to be a worshipper. I try to include the Lord in every part of my life and when I fail, it is always revealed to me and I am offered the opportunity to repent. I no longer stand in front of the mirror singing to an invisible crowd. Now, I stand before my Father, my Creator, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Provider, my Healer and my Lord.

If you have been lacking in your worship, make a decision this very moment to include the Lord in every part of your life. Spend time at His feet, kiss Him, surrender to Him and ask Him, “what do you expect of me today, Abba?” That is worship.